Take Out Menu

We will prepare your order after receiving it, so it may take some time. Thank you for your understanding.

If you call us in advance, we can prepare your items according to your preferred time.

Full Bloom Hitsumabushi (For 3-4 people) 16,000 Yen

For a party with friends and family,

For an outdoor picnic, 

Adds a touch of elegance to a special occasion meal.

Please enjoy our stores [Full Bloom Hitsumabushi]! 

Unawa Kabayaki Bento Box 3,300 Yen

Small Hitsumabushi 3,550 Yen

(Up size) Jyou Hitsumabushi 5,100 Yen

(Special Up size) Tokujou Hitsumabushi 7,500 Yen

White Grilled Hitsumabushi 5,200 Yen

Eel Rice Box 4,100 Yen 

(Up size) Jyou Eel Rice Box 5,000 Yen

(Special Up size) Tokujou Eel Rice Box 7,400 Yen

Combo Rice Box 4,200 Yen

(Up size) Jyou Combo Rice Box 5,100 Yen 

Long Grilled 4,840 Yen

Long Grilled Half 2,420 Yen

White Grilled 4,840 Yen

White Grilled Half 2,420 Yen

Red and White Grilled 4,950 Yen

Eel Egg Roll 1,400 Yen

Grilled Liver 1,100 Yen